Robert Pollard ‘Moses On a Snail’ LP

Robert Pollard
Moses On a Snail LP
Guided By Voices (Label) 2010

OK, I’ll say it: How does he do it? He should really be sucking air by now, right? But I’ve yet to find a Pollard record I didn’t like. Each one seems to have at least two or three sweet rock anthems, a moody, surreal psych-ballad or two, and several lyrical phrases that make me smile at how clever the old guy is. I never have that struggle we all know; where I have to admit that I’m disappointed, that I just wasted my money on a turd of a record. And apparently it’s official; Pollards post-GBV work is solid. Not that we all didn’t know this two, three, umpteen records back, but it was interesting to notice that very few reviewers out there are judging Moses based on Bobs previous band. For anyone still not buying this mans solo records, whatever the reason, just start with this one. Your welcome in advance.

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