The Books ‘The Way Out’ LP 2xLP

My new favorite experimental project. And I know to some who may be familiar with them, the exp word is conspicuous. But after almost two decades of listening to People Like Us, Beequeen, 310 and Big City Orchestra, I claim the right, by God. I know what’s going on here and I like it. The melodic distillation of cut-up sound, found sound, and excellent musicianship. I keep expecting the bewildering tumult to turn threatening but it never does. Stays well on the side of bright and sweet and whimsical – with just enough coded mystery to keep my head in the game. LP package is the coolest; a page of stickers inside the jacket is for decorating the cover any way you want. I don’t see many vinyl nerds defacing their copy, but the futility of it is somehow fitting in the playful, happenstance world of The Books. Available for the very nice price of $15 direct from the label at

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