Yawning Man ‘Nomadic Pursuits’ LP

Ahhh…nothing feels more like driving through the open desert, sun shining down, yucca-dotted leagues on either side, clean, hot air coming in the window, than Yawning Man. And nothing is like Yawning Man. I shouldn’t mention their integral relationship to the Kyuss/Yucca Valley crowd, because I don’t want to give the wrong impression. This isn’t heavy in the way of Kyuss or even Fatso Jetson, though Mario Lalli is indeed present; providing a bedrock-steady bass alongside Alfredo Hernandez. The magic spell that levitates the whole trip is Gary Arces firmament-straddling guitar, effervescent and unmistakable. Why aren’t labels falling over themselves to produce more of this guys material? Find out why Josh Homme, Brant Bjork and a slew of others call these guys the best band they ever heard at those early 90′s desert generator parties. Lovely limited swirled blue and white vinyl is only available at www.allthatisheavy.com for $14.99 or the band at shows. The rest are black.

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