White Hills ‘s/t’ LP

Blasting through from left field, this heavy psychedelic monster has shades of everything from Jesu, Velvet Underground, Sabbath and Merzbow but I’m not sure I’ve heard anything like this band. Maybe this is what Monstermagnet hoped for but failed to achieve with ‘Tab…25′. This self-titled LP is by far the most visible release by the new York trio yet, and it’s the best place to start too. If I don’t want a track that’s already gone on for twelve-plus minutes to end, someone is doing something right. Dave W has a great instinct for when to bring that piercing guitar out from the haze as well. Hurry up, the back catalog is getting scarce and the label is on a 500 copy second pressing of this already. $15 at www.thrilljockey.com.

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