Between Two Skies/Towards The Night 2xLP

I’ve been trying to figure out how to review this album for a couple days now. Acoustic guitar, layered together, some layers melodic, others rambling and disjointed, but still elegant. Vocals are used as an instrument as well; no lyrics, just far away, mournful or whispery intonations, some of those layered as well. Reminds me of neil Young’s soundtrack for the ‘Dead man’ film in many places. Ahmed reaches mystical places with this, the entire thing becoming a dark, poetic tapestry of lights and shadows, moving in and out of one another. The story is that Ahmed recorded his material alone, in a country cabin somewhere, to primitive equipment, not thinking of it getting released one day. I can see that – the material lends itself to those sorts of inspired, genuine efforts, uninfluenced by particular intent. Just the night reeling out its directions, the fingers and mouth following. The package is a lovely matte-finish gatefold jacket, containing two thick records. very nice. Only $20 direct from the label at

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