FEAR FALLS BURNING ‘I’m One Of Those Monsters Numb With Grace’ LP

Each side is it’s own epic, pondering hammerfall of dark guitar drone, layered with glacial-pace rhythm, stretching out into infinity. In the same universe as Nadja, Jesu and Year of No Light. Perhaps what White Hills would do if they were less psych and more ambient. But Dirk Serries, the man behind Fear Falls Burning, has a pedigree with ambient material that the rest can’t come close to. As the mind behind Vidna Obmana, the venerable and accomplished experimental project, he understands how to construct a twenty-plus minute piece in a way that sucks the listener in. This sensibility is carried over into this heavier project quite well. Unfortunately, it’s sold out from the label, Equation; http://www.chronoglide.com/Equation_releases.html, but secondary sources may still have it.

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