LANDING ‘Gravitational IV’ LP

What a great find. I get the urge to name-drop Experimental Aircraft, Slowdive and even Troum and realize it’s a little lazy. Their sound may be in those universes, but repeated listens make it obvious that Landing is doing their own thing. Soft, dreamy guitar phrases, rhythmic pulses and far-away, indecipherable female vocals stretch out to the horizon – I can put this on and just float away. A nice, sentimental tone, always reaching for beauty and never full of itself. And everything feels so organic, I’m seeing real instruments and analog recording equipment, that these are songs that can be played exactly the same way live. A little research indicates that Gravitational IV is sort of considered their “lost album”. I am compelled to seek out more. Always nice to find someone doing this sort of thing so well, without imitating, just making their own world out of roughly similar materials. I’ll have to get a sample posted soon to show what I mean. In a stunning gatefold jacket, 180 gram vinyl, only 450 copies pressed, each numbered, and as hard as it is to believe, this thing is still available from the label:

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