I’ve been a sucker for cut-up, recontextualized found sounds since first hearing People Like Us way back when. But Monster Rally relies more on chintzy music than media, so it’s all imbued with a more musical sensibility. Exotica out of control; film scores subjected to botched surgery, the result a glorious frankenstein monster that waltzes between martinis at the pilots lounge in the Pan Am terminal. I feel like I’m rooting around in some hip cat bachelors record shelf, playing three or four at once, Arthur Lyman, the Beach Boys, Carmen Miranda and Bollywood film scores on 78′s. Coral has several parts with that unique ability to sound completely familiar yet totally new each time, nostalgia for something that never happened. Beautiful seafoam green vinyl, only 250 copies were pressed so get going. From Gold Robot Records, only $12 plus S&h.

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