TROUM ‘Eald-Ge-Stréon’ 2xLP

Troum has made some great records, I have yet to be disappointed with anything I’ve heard. But this is miles ahead, a progression I didn’t expect. We would have been perfectly happy with more dreamy, coalescing drones, but for raw, anthem-power, only a few previous works come close to this. Right out of the gate, the driving, emotive pulse of side a sets a tone, establishing an energy level that sustains across several tracks, giving them a high ground that makes their valleys even lower. And when the avalanche finally trickles off somewhere in the second record, we’re on to something else anyway. Rhythm is what sets Troum apart from other ambient projects, and Stefan Knappe is a master of using it. In his hands, it forms the muscular, pinnacled geography from which the ebb and flow of his drones progress and mutate. When I waste valuable listening time thinking about what Knappe must be doing to create the final work, I wonder if there is an almost occult alchemy he adheres to, a formula for making each piece so effective to my ears. There is no doubt something meticulous yet instinctual is going on with Troum anyway. A must have. If not for the music then the amazing product: one black disc, one blue, thick vinyl, limited to 400 copies in an amazing jacket with art by Soma and photgraphy by Seldon Hunt. The label still has some.

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