Best Coast ‘Crazy For You’ LP

I should know better. But when I heard this band mentioned in the same breath as certain other bands and saw tie-ins with that hipster clothing store, I dismissed. The old thing about not being able to like a band because you don’t like the other people that like them. It’s been a long time since high school…so again, I should know better. After listening to this several times and realizing I really, really liked it, it struck me why. First, these songs have great hooks and beneath the fuzz and reverb are some achingly sweet chords. And I got it. It’s all about 60′s girl groups, Leslie Gore, the Brill Building, Phil Spector when he was still a crazy genius and not just crazy. Ignore the hype and give it a listen. So far there are five LP Versions. The 1000 hand-numbered copies on seafoam green from Mexican Summer seems to be the most sought after. But there’s also a repress of 1000 on orange. Here’s the link for you vinyl freaks. But your best bet is to just get the affordable black vinyl direct from Mexican Summer.

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