Our Broken Garden ‘The Golden Sea’ LP

I heard a snatch of ‘Seven Wild Horses’ and a couple other things and thought this would be worth picking up. Was dismayed to learn that the video version of the song was different than the LP version. But still, I’m enjoying this when I’m in the mood for something ethereal, transportive and oozing airy female vocals. I always liked the retro, james bond-ish feel of Goldfrapps Felt Mountain and this is similar, minus the homage to things past. I can’t really get into any of their other material, it seems like it’s aimed at some type of listener…I don’t know who but it’s not me. Hopefully all their future material can be like this or better. The vinyl is very hard to get, there is one seller on the planet, located in Manchester UK. Their Ebay sale will say it ships from Irvine CA but mine still came from the UK.

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