Truckfighters ‘Mania’ LP

The video for Monte Gargano got me. There’s some really good metal out there now, but you aren’t going to hear it unless you are digging. And I mean digging. Want to know why you can’t get into the current metal that’s everywhere right now? Because it’s made for 14 year olds who listen to it while they play Halo and eat the pizza rolls Mom just heated up for them. So you’re doing fine. I didn’t notice it until someone actually mentioned that it sounded like Qotsa – probably because it didn’t really sound like them to me. There’s not really a trace of that on the 13 minute track ‘Majestic’, which just completely rocks. You know how there’s a great song on a record, but it only lasts three minutes and you wish there was some way it went longer without getting boring? This is it. Maybe the only time a song this long can keep the same high energy level throughout. This record is kind of hard to get. The only place I’ve found it in the States is the ever-reliable people at All That Is Heavy. There aren’t even copies on Ebay.

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