Tame Impala ‘Innerspeaker’ 2xLP (45 RPM)

Retro works best when it just kind of happens. One of my favorite recent discoveries, the only downer was learning that the early singles and a 10″ had already progressed into collector-price territory. Damn you, people like me. Tame Impala was one of those projects I knew I would like as soon as I heard them. Heavy but melodic and spacy, vocals like John Lennon rocking out. It’s hard to categorise this Australian band and there’s no real scene that I can see to connect them to. There’s a good dose of Psych, with tight musicianship, particularly the drums and vocals. So much about how this works is unexpected, but settling in with Innerspeaker is at once comfortable and refreshing. There is a US version of the 2xLP recorded at 33rpm but the original Australian is recorded at 45 rpm. Nice gatefold package.

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