Oneohtrix Point Never ‘Replica’ LP

Daniel Lopatin has been causing a buzz among those of us who are wont to buzz about underground ambient music. The talk is justified. OPN is a perfect example of an artist finding their sensibilities in sound, equipment and delivery then running with it. I get the impression that Lopatin is making the kinds of records he wants to hear. Which is really how anyone should make music. Using vintage synths and sampling banal 80′s media and tropes, OPN layers it all together in up to date frameworks of melody, inserting segues at perfect spots. At no point does the work get bogged down in any one sound. At no time does it get attached to a specific space. It goes there, gives time for you to feel it, then moves on. To something just as interesting and just as heartfelt. Replica is where you start. Then move back and start fighting for the amazing ‘Zones Without People’. Good stuff. I’m still hunting for a reasonable copy of ‘Betrayed In The Octagon’ myself. I was heartened to see OPN on the great label Mexican Summer. And Hey Dan, if you’re reading this, please put ‘Memory Vague’ out on vinyl.

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