QUEEN OF THE STONE AGE ‘…Like Clockwork’ 2LP

I think of a fat, sweaty, cigar-smoking label guy in a suit blurting out “I don’t hear a single!” It took me a while to figure out what was different about this record for me than previous Qotsa. And this sounds terrible, but bear with me: Nothing stands out. The highs and lows of Lullabies or Songs for the Deaf are evened out. But it makes for a record I can listen to all the way through over and then over again. I don’t just scan through to the tracks I prefer, I listen all the way through because the flavor of each track is kind of elusive. I’ve been listening to the thing for weeks now and my favorites keep changing. It does feel like some of the collabs went wrong or just didn’t work as expected. The Elton John contribution seems incidental. Lanegan, Reznor and Grohl are impossible to discern anywhere. But oh well. The vinyl comes in three flavors, all 45 rpm; a regular red cover, a deluxe version with a red cover and the one that’s shaping up to be the rarer; blue cover, allegedly made in a run of 10,000 copies and already sold out. And the vinyl does make a difference in the listening.

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