BOARDS OF CANADA ‘Tomorrow’s Harvest’ 2xLP

I’ve lost patience with comment-section kibitzers who can’t give any reason why BOC “failed” with this record. Them and these idiots who will argue that Music Has The Right is the best and only BOC record they’ll listen to. You’re the same flavor of turd and I just want to throw you both in a wood-chipper. It’s kind of obvious to anyone with range in their taste that Music… is a transitional record. What, you wanted them to make Hi-Scores forever? Shut up. Techno’s dead thank God. Myself? I’m as satisfied as possible after waiting eight-plus years. As you may or may not know, I like my soundscapes dark, and this record has that in spades. As close as you’ll get to an ambient BOC record. They haven’t lost any skill when it comes to weaving unexpected and beautiful melodies. Neither have they lost the knack for making me feel like I’m hearing something from my childhood that I’d forgotten until now. And it’s a release like this that renews my faith in why I buy vinyl. Even after listening to the MP3s for a week, non-stop, to the exclusion of several other worthy things, I received my record from Bleep. I put it on as I sorted books and stuff. One side, second side, third, fourth and then over again. By the end I felt like I’d been smoking something magical. All the little touches jumped out, in full-color. All the creepy background voices were now actually voices instead of muddled sounds. I wish they’d been making a record a year like this since Campfire, but they didn’t and so this is what we have and it was worth the wait.

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