NO JOY ‘Wait To Pleasure’ LP

I love echoing female vocals, especially over a wall of heavy, psyched-out guitars. Girls on guitars. Girls on bass. Bass that really matters. If Cocteau Twins rocked and were fun. Sonic Youth and Stereolab being serious. A bon-bon, sort of like label-mates Best Coast; so sweet and luscious and ephemeral that it’s almost a guilty pleasure. And like Best Coast, unashamed when it comes to showing their influences. The more I listen to it, the more impressed I am with this record. The musicians involved don’t have a particularly long pedigree, and the tracks may make one think of many other artists (for instance I’ve been trying to avoid actually using the term Shoegaze), but repeated listens vindicate Wait To Pleasure as original and now all I hear is No Joy. And No Joy is actually much heavier than than what most people associate with that odious term. No Joy knows why some people listen to music like this and they are smart enough to spot the excellent moments in each song and focus on developing that. Then when good bones are in, they keep adding interesting layers in the background. Some of it’s hard to spot, in fact, the MP3s of this lose so much detail. I think you don’t really spot any of it until you sit down with the record. Now I have to get their first record and that ep thingy.

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