FELIX SLATKIN ‘Paradise Found’ LP

What’s not to like here? At first it looks like some Denny, Lyman or Baxter Exotica thing, but it’s more accurate to think of it as a collision of orchestral and Exotica, leaning more towards orchestral. The usual luau standards, such a Little Grass Shack, etc, spun into homogenized easy listening by the guy who gained fame as the Hollywood Bowl’s orchestra leader. But the requisite Hawaiian touches, references and certainly the over-the-top island motif of the artwork, complete with die-cut cover and Polynesian bathing beauty, make this a must-have for either fans of Exotica, bad-good music, or both. I’ve listened to it maybe a half-dozen times in the year that I’ve owned it and enjoyed it each time. Worth owning and not terribly rare or expensive.

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