GUN s/t LP

Sometimes it’s obvious why a band never really broke out and became something. I’ve learned that any, and I do mean ANY band that’s ever existed will have some sap out there posting youtube videos and running some budget fan website, ready to bemoan the fundamental unfairness of their idol’s obscurity. But for every Nick Drake, Death, Pentagram or Gary Higgins out there, there are a zillion Guns. And after listening to this and researching a bit, in my opinion, the truth is that they just weren’t that good or original or interesting or fill-in-the-blank. I’m not saying they weren’t good or enjoyable or probably part of many folks shared history, just that their obscurity isn’t unfair and shouldn’t shock anyone. But I like these overlooked relics for the stories they tell, the history and the place and time feeling you can get from this sort of left-field find. This certainly wasn’t a failure for the people involved, someone worked hard on this. This was a part of someones life and they poured themselves into it. Not everyone can be the Beatles, but everyone can be interesting. Even if it’s only interesting to some goofball writing on a record collecting blog forty or more years later. Buy it if you find it cheap or at higher prices if it’s sealed, because this was made in 1969 and it is pretty good, ahead of it’s time rock and roll.

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